Sunday, June 18, 2017

Trying VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask

You guys, do I have a beauty product for you. We all know how much I enjoy trying and buying new anti-aging products, and this one is a perfect addition to my collection. VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask has been the answer to my dark undereye problems.

Let's face it, between motherhood, a full-time job, fitness, and family, when is there time to get enough rest to diminish those pesky dark circles that pop up after long days? Oh and on top of that, aging plays a huge role in those dark marks. I can say right now that once I started using VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Masks -which, I'll be honest, I was very skeptical about- my under eyes have never looked better. 

VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Masks helps eliminate dark circles and puffiness effectively, it helps skin feel plump and smooth and gives you a spa-like experience. Using grapeseed oil, seaweed, and white tea, these soft, thick and cool -in temperature- pads peel and stick right under your eyes. All you have to do it wear them for up to 8 hours while you sleep and in the morning you'll have refreshed and bright eyes. 

How to use: Cleanse your face and peel off the outer packing. Stick the eye pads under eye area. Go to sleep or do anything you need to do. Use 2 to 3 times a week for best results. It's that easy! 

I'd love to know if you have tried VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Masks or any other product that is similar? Eye products are always a tough area when talking effectiveness, however, I feel strongly for these pads. **If you'd like to learn more about the brand or product, please have a look HERE!**

Have a wonderful day!

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Up-cycling BIRCHBOX Boxes for Pretty Things

If you're like me and love receiving monthly subscription boxes full of treats {whether beauty, food, crafts, etc...} then you probably have a stockpile going of leftover boxes that are taking up space. I know that with Birchbox, they have really stepped up their game in the "pretty" box department. I mean, look at all the colorful, neat designs they've been using over the last few months. And with so many boxes collecting, I knew I needed to start putting these pretty boxes to good use! {I could never just throw them out!}

With that said, here are some crafty ideas on what you can use subscription boxes for... even the plain brown ones! 
  • Stock cardboard
  • Greeting cards
  • Wall hangings
  • Storage boxes
  • Book ends
  • Art display
  • Gift boxes
For stock cardboard for crafting and other card related art, just cut the box up into different shapes. 
For a unique take on a greeting card, just create and print out a message and glue on the box.
For wall hangings, I found some pretty neat little quotes on Pinterest, resized them and printed them out. I used washi tape to attach to the box for a bit more color.
For a cool bookend, I found literary quotes online and printed them out. Attach with glue or tape and add to your library for a pop of color.
For gift boxes, most subscription boxes have their name front and center on the lid, so I used cut pieces of cardboard, stock picture cards and washi tape to cover the name.

You can get as creative as you want while recycling these boxes {that you paid for} and are so unique. 

Enjoy decorating with your pretty creations! And thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Packing for a Trip Checklist

Being unprepared when you embark on a trip can create very big problems. Therefore, you should take the packing process very seriously. Many people simply want to finish their packing as soon as possible. They just throw a few odds and ends into their luggage without carefully considering what they will be taking with them. This is a huge mistake that they will most likely regret after they arrive at their destination. There is an art to packing that all seasoned travelers are well aware of. However, people who do not travel often will not know some of the key steps that must not be skipped over. Here are some of my best tips that you can use to know how to pack for a trip in the most efficient manner possible...

1. Always make a list of the things you are going to need during your trip

It is always a good idea to create a packing list before any trip you go on. This will help to ensure that nothing important is forgotten and left home by mistake. Ideally, you should not make your list only a few hours before you start packing. There is a good chance that you will leave some crucial items off the list. Start to create your list several weeks before your planned departure date. You might need to buy some of the items on your list. Starting your list long before your trip will give you the time you require to do your shopping. You might think that making a packing list is a waste of time. However, spending a few minutes making a packing list is much better than arriving at your destination and discovering that you forgot to bring something you desperately need {especially in a foreign country}.

2. How much does your airline charge for baggage?

The fees that an airline charges for baggage is something that you would be wise to familiarize yourself with before you purchase a ticket. You might be amazed at how much some airlines are charging their customers for carry-on bags these days. Therefore, it would be in your best interests to carefully read all of the baggage fee info on the website of any airline you are considering for your trip. Make sure you understand how much you will be paying if you decide to bring a carry-on bag with you. It is obviously much better to find this out before you spend your money on a ticket.

3. Upgrade your luggage if necessary

You do not want to be in a situation where you need to replace your luggage after you have already arrived at your destination. You need to be proactive and discover any flaws with your luggage before your trip officially begins. Check for any cracks or holes that could allow thieves to easily access the contents of your luggage. Are all of the locks working as they are supposed to? Is your luggage in a condition where it will be able to withstand being tossed around every time it is loaded onto or removed from a plane? You should go out and buy yourself some durable new luggage if the current pieces you own have seen better days. Click here to learn about some high-quality luggage you might be interested in.

4. Pack all of your clothing in layers

Nobody likes waiting in line to have your carry-on baggage screened. A normal wait is bad enough. However, this entire process can become very annoying if your carry-on bag is subjected to an extended search because the security person is not able to clearly see what you have inside. A good way to avoid this situation is to make sure that all of your clothing is neatly packed in layers that make it easy for the person monitoring the x-ray machine to see all of your bag's contents. Ideally, your shoes and clothing should be packed in separate layers.

5. Use compression bags to make your clothing smaller

Compression bags allow you to put your clothing in a bag that is vacuum-packed. The compression bag only takes up a fraction of the space that your clothing normally would in your luggage. The space you will be able to save will allow you to bring additional items.

I hope all this helps. After traveling for so many years and being the person in my family who packs everyone's clothes, I've become really efficient in how to get the job done. Enjoy your next trip!

This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Only Kids Travel Tray Needed! *Giveaway!

Happy almost March, friends! I feel like it's been ages since I've been on my blog... because I guess it has been. Two weeks can seemingly pass by in a flash when life is flying by. With illness rampant through my home and a new full-time career outside of the house -more on that another day- there just doesn't ever seem to be enough time for anything. I will say that I'm lucky with this new job in that Jakob's preschool is on site and he's pretty much always near me. That means lots of time spent in the car for my littlest guy, besides going to school and back each day but also driving Heidi and Lukas around to all their activities and events. 

Nowadays, it's easy to just give the 2-year-old a tablet while in the car and call it a day. I can honestly say that I've seriously cut back on my kid's electronic time and started finding alternative activities, such as books, coloring pages or games. But with a toddler in the car, in a stroller or on a plane, an electronic device was just always the easiest. Not anymore! You guys, I have in the car with me a travel tray to end all travel trays... a solution for those who want their kids to play in the car but not make a mess. I present to you, the Brave Baby Kids Travel Tray

Let me tell you about my new fav, if not forever favorite kid's travel product. This kid's travel tray has everything you need to have a successful outing with your littles. As you can see, it was made by parents who know a thing or two about kids and how they move. This large and sturdy tray top makes for easy drawing, eating, playing or table use while in a car, airplane, train, or stroller. You could probably even take it to the beach or a sporting event -just a thought. The tray top has a waterproof surface that wipes clean easily when mess happens. And it's soft to touch, so when it's buckled on your child's lap, it's comfortable. 

The tray is very easy to use. You start by un-velcroing two side pockets from the bottom and setting the tray on your child's lap. You then place the strap around your child's back or the back of the chair, stroller, seat or car seat, until it clicks into place. The strap is adjustable. Then fill the pockets with your child's favorite things and let them have a safe and enjoyable time in the car. When they're finished, just unstrap the tray and fold over both side pockets. It can easily be stored in the seat back pocket. 

My kids and I love our Brave Baby Travel Tray so much that I want to give one away to one of you mama's out there who could really use one! Just go ahead and enter below... it really is a parent's dream for those busy kids. 

I'd love to know if you could use a travel tray like this one? Best of luck in the Giveaway and thanks for stopping by!

 Thank you, Brave Baby for sponsoring this post.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Not that Kind of Muffin Top... Quick & Healthy Breakfast

You guys, can we talk about mornings and breakfast for a minute? Who here thinks the whole morning routine with kids can get a bit crazy and overwhelming? Gone are the days when I made full pancake and egg breakfasts before school for my kids, ha. Yes, even with 3 kids I would try and make a hot breakfast every morning before school because I wanted to know they were getting a healthy and full meal before school. But that just didn't quite work out in the long run and we've had to rethink this whole healthy, quick and easy breakfast ordeal. Since I feed my kids pretty healthy foods and worry that they're not getting enough of the vitamins and nutrients that they need to be strong and awake during the day, finding the right food choices, especially for breakfast, isn't always easy. That's why when I found something that was a healthier option, something they would eat, and was quick to make, I jumped all over it! 

Let me introduce you to my new favorite breakfast option in our home. VitaTops MuffinTops are seriously what we've been missing in our mornings. Not only are they the best part of a muffin, but they are easy to heat up and come in many delicious flavors. These quick treats that I don't feel guilty about eating or serving to my children are low fat, high fiber, and only 100 to 150 calories. Plus, they are made with only clean and simple ingredients. Each VitaTops MuffinTops has its own unique health benefits, from organic ingredients, flax, chia seeds, protein rich or gluten free. 

We've tried a few different flavors but our favs so far are Deep Chocolate and Wild Blueberry. Lukas loves the Wild Blueberry and has one every morning, whereas Jakob loves the chocolate choice and sometimes has one as a snack. That's what is so great about these VitaTops MuffinTops, that they are perfect for busy mornings or a snack on the go. Some other flavors that are available are Superfood CranBran, Protein Banana Chocolate Chip, Protein Lovers Chocolate, and Peanut Butter Chip.

I found my VitaTops MuffinTops at Target! You can find yours at your nearest Publix, Kroger, Stop & Shop, ShopRite, or Target locations. And right now you can use this >>COUPON<<< to save on your next box of VitaTops MuffinTops

I'd love to know if you've had the opportunity to try VitaTops MuffinTops yet and what you thought of them... or if you're planning to! IF so, please use the >>coupon<< and read more about each flavor and what's inside. And I wish you all a successful morning/breakfast routine!