Monday, December 1, 2014

8 Things I Do as a Hippie Mom

Recycle. I put this first, because it actually PAINS me when I find recyclables in the trash. I open the lid and I see that yogurt container on top of an old catalog, and I feel this ache in my chest, like a little bird died somewhere because its tree was cut down and *sniff* if only I had recycled that catalog and plastic cup it would have LIVED! *sob*
Nudity. Being naked is just so..freeing! I mean really, what is the point of clothes? Protection from the elements? We have central heating and air conditioning. And blinds. Just please, put on some pants before you answer the door.
Appreciate creatures. I am a catch and release kind of mom when it comes to bugs. "Don't kill that spider! I'm sure its scared. Let's teach them we won't hurt them. Get me a cup, we'll put it outside." Unless its poisonous, then its dead.

Astrology. Yep, like Goldie's hippie mom. But my kids are too little to understand yet. So when I say, “well, she is a Cancer, so be extra nice to her”, my daughter says “she doesn't have cancer, she has a cold.” *Sigh*. Oh sweetie, that's your Virgo showing.
Grow a garden. Vegetables, flowers, whatever. Just get digging in the dirt. It grounds me, and gives me respect for the earth. “Look, kids, watch how you plant this teeny seed and it makes a big plant that can produce food and nurture you." Its a real-life lesson too - you plant negativity, it grows, just like that seed. 

Play in the rain. It gets it own header, its that important. Kids: “Its RAINING!” Me: “QUICK get your flip flops on!”. Cue my husband “its 45 degrees outside!” Except we don't hear him, because its RAINING and we are already outside dancing and splashing in the puddles. 

 Don't interrupt a good moment. Its a gorgeous day, we are painting in the backyard. Gotta go? Just pee outside. Then get back to that masterpiece.

There is always a silver lining. Sure, you just ruined your shoes in the gross, um, mud, feeding the ducks. But, its a gorgeous spring day, the snow has melted, and your kids have huge smiles because the ducks are back at the pond. Its one of those moments that you are always going to remember -  and that makes the duck poop, I mean, mud, worth it.


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