Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Long Beach, part 1: The Queen Mary

Over the weekend, my husband and I wanted to go somewhere different with our kids that was new and fun for them but not super lame for us. We also wanted to get out of town. We were thinking Hollywood, San Diego or Big Bear for skiing, but soon decided on Long Beach. Now for those of you from Southern California, you might be thinking Long Beach, really?? Yes!! And it was awesome! 
First of all, the drive was only a little over an hour from home and we knew the weather would be great...a little chilly but totally sunny. We made a whole day of sightseeing in Long Beach, going downtown, touring the Queen Mary, a night time visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific, and topping it off with a hotel stay, complete with jumping on the beds, hot tub, board games and popcorn. 

Our first big stop was the Queen Mary, which I knew the kids would love since they've read about the Titanic and this ship looks so much like it. I've always enjoyed visiting the Queen Mary for it's historical features and beauty and my daughter really liked this, too. I love that part of the ship has been converted into a hotel and there is a banquet hall for parties, proms and weddings. Though I've never stayed in the hotel on board, I've seen inside some of the rooms and it is amazing...it makes you feel like you are back in the 1930's when the ship first set sail. And the view from where the Queen Mary is parked is pretty great, too; Carnival Cruise ships port right next to the Queen Mary and the Port of Long Beach is right there...with all the cargo ships and shipping containers in full view making for a very happy four year old boy. There is also an old Russian submarine that is available for viewing.


So if you are ever in the Los Angeles/So California area and want to do something a little different, visiting the Queen Mary is a must in my opinion.

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