Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Most Memorable NYE

Yayyyyyy, it's New Year's Eve! Say good-bye to 2014. I for one think 2014 was a super awesome year and if I'm being honest, am sad to see it go. I lived in Europe, had a baby, traveled (visiting 8 countries!!), met new amazing people, started blogging...and the list goes on. I feel so blessed that my family and I are able to see another year pass with good health and I'm ever so eager to see what 2015 has in store for me.

New Year's Eve holds a very special place in my heart as it was the night my husband proposed to me. For Christmas 2005, I traveled to Austria with my *then boyfriend to meet his family and experience an Austrian Christmas. The week was perfect and my husband did a great job at making my time there memorable. We drove to Vienna and visited Schoenbrunn Palace in the snow, went to a thermal heated spa, stayed a night in the Austrian Alps and just enjoyed relaxing at his parent's home in the country. When NYE finished out or first week there, I wasn't expecting a proposal... after all we had only been dating three months. Plus, even though the conversation of marriage had taken place, my husband had assured me that it was too soon after meeting his family to get engaged (to say I wasn't a little bummed was an understatement). None the less, he planned for a special night in Salzburg with some of his close friends. 

We ended up at the Hotel Stein in Salzburg, Austria. This hotel has a rooftop terrace that overlooks the old town -full of Gothic inspired church steeples- and the Fortress Hohensalzberg. We attended a party hosted by Red Bull (which is housed in Salzburg) and enjoyed mingling with new people. I had noticed that my husband was acting a little weird and dare I say clingy, but didn't really think too much of it. At midnight, as the snow started to fall on the terrace and we looked out over the old city, fire works began to boom and my love came up beside me and whispered in my ear those four magical words. I swear to you my head turned so was so unexpected. Of course I said yes and we were greeted with a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Everything was on a fast track after that as we were married in March, five and a half months after we met!
New Year's holds all kinds of special moments and memories for most people and I wish you the very best, most memorable New Year's Eve tonight!! I will be snuggled at home with my husband and kids, expecting to get lots of kiddie & baby kisses at midnight.

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