Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Travel: Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy is like no other place that I've ever visited. It is a typical Italian city but on water. There are no cars but instead boats on the maze like canals. The buildings are old, the food is delicious, and the views are breathtaking. 

My husband and I traveled to Venice by train from Vienna, Austria in June. We left the children with my in-laws for a weekend of adult time in Italy. It had been years since we had taken a trip alone together and I was so looking forward to a little R&R with my man. Let me tell you, besides the obvious enjoyment of being in Venice with the most perfect weather, so many things went wrong on our trip. Like, some are embarrassing so I won't mention them all but I broke the shower head in our hotel room (so much for wanting to stay in an authentic Italian villa), and I broke 2! pairs of shoes walking on the cobblestone roads. My husband had stomach issues (if you know what I mean) and when we arrived in Venice, it was 3:30 in the morning and we couldn't find our hotel since it was dark. I couldn't even make the things up that went wrong. We still laugh at the fact that in two days we had the most random, most embarrassing things happen to each of us -separately- but still had the most amazing time! The adventure in it all was what made it so fun (and the fact that we didn't have the children so everything really wasn't that big of a deal).


Ok, so yeah, pigeons are disgusting birds and I was totally running from this man who was basically throwing bird seeds at me, but when he grabbed my hand and put the seeds inside, I pretty much had no choice but to smile and hope to God that I didn't get pooped on. 

From the top of St. Marks Campanile
St. Mark's Square

Here are tips and info for traveling to Venice:
  • Venice isn't very big so if you're ever planning on going, only plan for two or three nights. You really can see a lot in a short time. 
  • People will tell you it's dirty but compared to other parts of Italy I found it to be quite clean. The locals were amazing and nice, and most people in the restaurants spoke English. 
  • If you are ever in any part of Italy you have to try the Gelato and pizza because it is truly a treat. 
  • There is a small Billa, which is a grocery store near where the cruise ships dock. I recommend stopping in and getting water or other yummy treats for cheaper than what you'd pay on the street; however, compared to other parts of Europe and other major tourist cities, Venice wasn't overly priced. 
  • We were there on a Sunday and like most cities in Europe, many shops were closed or opened late so do take this into consideration when booking travel within Europe. 
  • Make sure that if you go in the warmer months, you request a mosquito net or have air conditioning. There is a lot of water after all. 
  • Venice does flood in the rainy months so make sure to check the weather before traveling.
  • I didn't know this until I visited but there is a University on the main island and so local students are all around which gives Venice a youthful vibe. 
I hope you enjoy the beauty that is Venice and have a wonderful Tuesday.
Ciao, Bella! 


  1. Welcome to Inspire Me Monday Ashleigh - I am SO delighted to meet you!
    Your trip and photos are amazing - I feel like I was there after reading your post! :-)

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    1. Thank you for letting me be a part of the fun! I truly enjoy reading everyone's post! Have a great Friday!! xx

  2. Hi Ashleigh! Your pictures are awesome. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Thanks for the great tips at the end.

  3. It looks fantastic. I can't wait to visit Venice it's on my bucket list.
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  4. You got great shots! I loved Venice and the lapping of the water!

  5. Looks like you had a great time! Makes me want to go to Venice!

  6. Wow, beautiful! We have traveled through Italy but couldn't get to Venice that trip. It is definitely on my bucket list! I am glad you both had fun! The pictures are amazing!

    1. Thank you! Which parts of Italy did you go??!

  7. I love your photos! I went to Venice once too - fantastic place to visit

  8. Beautiful photos! I have always wanted to go to Venice and these pictures showcase why! Hopefully some day I'll be able to make the trip :)

    1. Thank you! I hope one day you get to, as well!! xx

  9. Every time I've been to Italy something almost happened to prevent me from making it to Venice and I really want to make it there sometime soon!! My dad was born not too far from there and he always talks about how much he loves Venice. I love all of your pictures!

  10. I think it is great that you got some R&R! I know every couple needs it. I love your pictures, it makes me want to travel there