Thursday, April 30, 2015

Travel: Aloha from Hawaii...

Happy Thursday! 
We arrived in Honolulu Tuesday morning and have been having a wonderful time here on the island of Oahu. The weather has been treating us nicely, with temps in the low 80's, some light rain here and there, and strong trade winds to cool us down. 
We took the first flight out of LA and this was an optimal option since then we arrived in Hawaii around 11:15am and had the rest of the day to explore and play at the beach.
We are staying in Waikiki, a favorite spot of mine and my husband's. It's really a great spot with the kids since the beaches are mild and there is so much shopping! 
If you follow me on IG then you already know I had an accident while taking photos and sliced open my left foot on lava rock. Not cool. But for the picture I got, so worth it (kind of). And let me tell you, the flight over here was one of the hardest (ok the hardest by far) flights I've experienced with a baby, and I've been flying with kids of all ages for nearly 9 years. 
Baby J, who last flew when he was 5 months old, wanted to see/touch/put in his mouth EVERYTHING! He did not want to stay seated when the seatbelt sign was on and he most certainly didn't want to be quite. Oh my goodness, thank goodness my husband was there to help.
Oh, and he had 2 explosive diapers and a leak on the flight over, resulting in him wearing only a onesie and shoes when we landed. Yeah, I was that mom washing clothes at 30,000ft. 
But we survived and are enjoying our time now. More pictures to come.
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Have a wonderful day! 


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Not-so-Wordless Wednesday Linky!

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I'm currently in Waikiki, Hawaii. More on that on Thursday's post! 

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DIY Wood Arrows

Last week, I showed you how to make a wood panel sign using a garden trellis I found for a dollar. Well, I had left over pieces from that project that I didn't want to waist. I decided I needed a little something more added to my gallery wall and opted to make some wood arrows {since arrows are everywhere these days}. 
I made three, one for each of my kids. You can make these with the kids or for them to decorate. This project is simple and can be used for everyday decor, parties, weddings, or even showers.

Thin wood scraps 
Scissors or a small hand saw
Wood Glue
Paint brushes
Sand paper
Decorative Supplies of your choice

  • Using scissors or a saw, cut two wood strips into equal lengths
  • Shape points of wood diagonally
  • You can either shape the bottom of each wood strip to make the point of the arrow, or you can use other scraps {as seen in pictures} and shape them to form the point of the arrow
  • Cut and shape two more pieces of wood to form the top part of the arrow {picture 5}
  • Place all your piece side by side

  • Using wood glue and a paint brush, glue all the wood pieces together, starting with the two center pieces and working your way out {I used two small pieces to form the point/bottom of the arrow}
  • Once the arrow pieces are assembled, let dry

  • I also made a small arrow using only one strip of wood, cutting at the bottom and top to form the different points of the arrow
  • After cutting, if the edges are rough, just sand them down lightly

  • Paint your arrows and decorate. This is the best part, as you can be as creative as you want!
  • To hang them I used Velcro squares that I had in my sewing kit, so I wouldn't damage the wood or put more holes in my walls.