Friday, April 3, 2015

Feel *Good Friday* Reasons to be Happy

I love this quote I came across on Pinterest.
It rings true in all aspects of my life. It is always too easy to focus on the negative things in our lives that might hurt us or bring us down, rather than the positive {even though they are always around us}.
I'm making a point to focus on all the wonderful and beautiful reasons that make me Happy...
that make me cherish this world in which I live. 
Happy Good Friday to everyone and remember all the beautiful reasons in your life to be Happy.


  1. indeed...there are so many reasons to be happy :)...have a great long weekend..

  2. Thank you, you have a wonderful weekend as well!! xx

  3. Great post... you're so right! So many of us get stuck in the day to day and forget how blessed we are :) Happy Saturday!

  4. Great post! Sometimes with the challenges of life we can forget the many reasons to be happy in our life.

  5. Amen!
    Glad to see your happy faces, and thanks for sharing at

  6. Those are definitely some good reasons to be happy!