Friday, April 10, 2015

Thinking on My Toes *An almost ruined Easter

The night before Easter was like any other; my husband and I discussed our plan of action for how the Easter Bunny was going to leave the kids baskets. From when he was coming and where he would leave the goods, to how we were going to get the kids out of the house so I could get all this done. You see, we don't just leave the kid's Easter baskets down stairs on the kitchen table or in a very common, open place where the kids can easily find them. No, we have to do things the hard way and add a bit more flare to our Easters.

Since my daughter was two and we spent Easter with my husband's family in Austria, we do things a bit like they do in the old country and hide the contents of the baskets around the garden {with the eggs}and have the kids collect everything. We also don't have the EB come during the night but sometime during Easter Sunday; this adds some excitement for my kids. 

So this year was no different, only it was Jakob's first Easter and I had to make it perfect, you know, because babies remember those sorts of things. Well, despite the hubs and my 30 minute conversation the night before, The Great Easter Basket Hiding of 2015 didn't go quite as planned. In fact, it was because of baby J that our plans didn't workout. 

On Saturday night, baby J and I were in my room putting together the baskets and getting the goods ready. I had hid all three baskets under one of the sinks in my master bath because really, my kids have NEVER looked in that cabinet, ever. So early on Easter morning when I went to brush my teeth, Lukas came in to use the potty. I thought nothing of it as this is pretty standard stuff. Baby J followed behind as he had been in my bed. Next thing I hear is a whisper from sweet Lukas asking who put all those cool toys under the sink? 

Oh snap!! Baby J had walked right up to the cabinet and flung the doors open, the way only an 11 month old can. I mean, how did he remember us putting the baskets in there the night before?
Two thoughts popped into my head...1: Oh crap, there goes Easter! I guess my four year old will have to know the truth before his eight year old sister. 2: Quick, Ashleigh! Think of something fast!! 

And that I did. 
Me: "Oh, know how the EB usually hides your baskets in the garden? Well, I guess he decided it would be super fun to hide everything in Mommy and Daddy's bathroom. Isn't that silly? Huh?"

Lukas: (looking puzzled) "Really...? Well, I guess that makes sense."

Me: "It does? It does." 

Lukas: "This is so cool! I'm going to go wake up Heidi and tell her how silly the EB is!!" 

Seriously? Seriously? How did he fall for that? I mean, some of the bags from Target and Ross were still there. But like most four year olds, he was just super happy to get something at all and to not have to wait around until noon when the EB usually hits up our house. And Heidi was pretty surprised, too. And baby J was just laughing to himself {in his head, I'm sure} about how funny Mommy must have sounded trying to come up with a way to save Easter for Lukas. 
After all was said and done the kids were more than grateful for their gifts and everyone had a fabulous Easter with family and friends. Lukas keeps telling everyone how silly the EB was to leave his basket under the bathroom sink {at which point I get some weird looks}and baby J keeps going straight for the cabinet every time he's in the bathroom. 

Have a wonderful Friday! 


  1. What a cool way to do Easter! We are boring and the baskets are in the living room when they get up in the morning! I have thought that after they don't "believe" anymore I would make it a little more difficult for them ;) Have a great weekend!

  2. Such a fun twist on Easter! I am going to have to save this one for when I have kids myself.
    xo katie // a touch of teal

  3. Haha, nice save! Glad they believed you and Easter wasn't ruined! :)

  4. Nice save! Glad Easter wasn't

  5. This made me laugh! Great save :) I am glad the Easter bunny is still real :)

  6. Nice one! That's how moms are, quick and easy to think of solutions!

  7. Too funny! I'm glad you were able to think on your toes!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

  8. The joys of plans working out after all. I love that the unexpected happened. One day everyone will laugh about it.