Thursday, May 14, 2015

Muffins with Mom + Friday Linky

On Wednesday, I got to attend the Muffins with Mom at Lukas' preschool. My hubby was great and came home to watch the little babe so I could go and give all my attention to Lukas. It was so fun to read books, eat sweet treats and make crafts. The kids even sang us a few songs, with hand motions! At the end of the party, the teacher read Robert Munsch's Love You Forever, at which point all the moms were a wet mess and the kids were rolling their eyes ha. That book gets me every time.
 Overall, it was a wonderful morning and I feel privileged to have gotten to go.

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  1. How sweet. They had Mother's Day Tea at my son's school and it sounds very similar to what your son's school did, including the "Love You Forever" and all moms in tears!

    1. Doesn't that book just pull on the heart strings or what?! Glad you had a nice Mother's Day too!

  2. So Fun! I love going to muffins with moms. Lukas is so cute! Thank you so much for being a great host.

  3. Lukas is adorable! What a fun time. <3

  4. Sounds like a great event...I didn't have one at Bo's school but we just had a Culture Night and it was fun, too..