Friday, September 25, 2015

Bath Time Fun with SPONGELLE

Do your kids love taking baths? I know mine do, but we are in a drought here in California so bath time has changed a little in the last few months. I have my boys share a bath and use very little water. Something that has helped with making bath time for my boys fun, easy and has also helped conserve water is the brand new SPONGELLE Sponge Animals. These cute little animal sponges have body wash infused right inside the sponge. Just add a little bit of water and the sponge gets nice and lathered up... and it has a great fruity smell, too! 

The Sponge Animals come with heaps of benefits, which includes being hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, sulfate-free, paragon-free and cruelty-free. They are designed for kids aged 3 and up, but I also use it on Jake (1) as this is the only sponge he lets me use on him! He just loves that it is a fishie that is cleaning him. And the sponges are gentle, perfect for an all over wash. Plus, we are still using ours and it has been over a week. With proper care, I've been able to make our sponge last.

If you are interested in trying this cool new bath time product, use code "BBLOGGER20" for a 20% off discount at {Good through Oct 19} And happy washing! 

This is a product review, and all thoughts are my own. 

This is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. Those sound awesome! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. That is cute...and hey, anything to make bath time easier, right? ;) super adorable kids btw!

  3. Cute! I bet my little one would love this!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #mommymeetupmondays!

  4. That is one cute sponge.. Kids will love using it ;)

  5. How cute is that?! Do you know if it's okay for babies with Excema?