Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Muddy Pumpkin Faces +Wednesday Linky!

Muddy Pumpkin Faces is what my little Lukas named this quick cracker treat... and he loves them! Super easy to make, these peanut butter crackers, almond butter, raisin and chocolate chip yummies are perfect for an after school snack! And they look like pumpkins! Lukas came up with this treat while going through the pantry and I must say I'm pretty proud of my little man for being creative in the kitchen! You should try making these with your littles for a Halloween treat! 

Now link up your inspiring posts below and have a wonderful Wednesday!! 

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Oh My Heartsie Girl & Co-Hosts Welcome's you!! :❢:❢ #OMHGWW starts early ❢❢ And if you looking for something special from last week, there are so many good recipes and crafts, you can find them here 
:❢:❢ All The Entries Here :❢:❢ 

♥~ MEET THE HOSTS of #OMHGWW ~And this week we are featuring tons of Halloween and Fall Inspiration!!! 
♥Karren-Host // Oh My Heartsie Girl // 5 Ways To Make Yogurt Banana Bread // My yogurt banana bread is topped with almonds,chocolate chips,coconut and pecans, and there is no need for using any fat. The use of Greek yogurt gives it moisture. Each loaf I made had a different variation. Twitter | Bloglovin | Google+ | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | HomeTalk 

♥Co-Host Ashleigh // Simply Wright // 'You've Been BOOed' Ghost Jar'// It's that time again for booing neighbors and friends and seeing if they know it's from you. With this cute Ghost Jar, it's easy to BOO those this Halloween season! Facebook | Google + | Pinterest | Instagram | Bloglovin

♥Co-Host Christine // Cherishing A Sweet Life //Teacup Exchange Reveal Fall! 2015 // The Tea Cup Exchange was held in September and I eagerly waited for the day to come when I found out who the person was that I would be sending a teacup too. Not only do I like sending fun gifts in the mail, who doesn't like receiving gifts, and making new friends along the way! Twitter | Bloglovin | Google+ | Facebook | Pinterest

Co-Host Evija Roberts// From Evija With Love //Transform Old Glassware Using Gold Spray Paint // I decided to spruce these glass containers up a bit using some gold spray paint. Everything looks so much better when it is gold, don’t you think? Twitter | Bloglovin | Google+ | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram 

♥Co-Host Shellie Bowdoin // The Fab Journey //This Week I'm Taking A Break From The Profound //It can be so enticing to neglect the essential stuff because we have bigger, grander things to accomplish with our lives. But sometimes, it's important to take time to handle the small stuff and take a nap! Twitter | Bloglovin | Google+ | Facebook | Pinterest |Instagram

♥Co-Host Heather Aguayo // Milk Momology // October Organization Part 1// Don't get buried under the piles of clothes your kids have - organize them the absolute easiest way possible! Twitter | Bloglovin | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram 

two-chicks-and-a-mom ♥Co-Host Donna Wirthlin // Two Chicks And A Mom // Halloween Gift Jars with Halloween Puppy Chow// Delicious snack mix just right for Halloween--served in an easily decorated Mason jar! Twitter | Bloglovin | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

♥Co-Host Indah // My Purple World // Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 2015 // October is the month when we double our efforts in raising awareness about breast cancer. And I was proudly joining Making Strides against Breast Cancer 2015 in Central Park. Coming back this year, a year and a half after my diagnose, is indeed giving me such a great feeling of accomplishment and surely keep my hopes and spirit up. To all the survivors and fighters... Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram

♥Co-Host Pili // My Sweet Things // Vintage Lady Wall Art // Keeping up with decorating for little money, I’ll show you a cute wall art you can do at no cost using materials you already have on hand Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

Best Picks from last weeks party
Your Co-Hosts Picks From Last Week

Feel Free to Click The Pic To Pin
Scavenger Chic //Pier 1 Copycat Mirror diy// This do-it-yourself project was inspired by a Pier 1 catalog and made with pallets, and Joan did a bang up job creating this awesome mirror for her mantel!!

Feel Free to Click The Pic To Pin
Living La Vida Holokaa // Jessica turns a normal taco night into a fun with this, Halloween inspired “Boo-rito” Bake

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Flamingo Toes //Going Batty Halloween Headband// Instead of a full costume for Halloween, Beverly creates headbands for teenagers. Such a cute idea and just right for Halloween!!

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Marty's Musings// What a lovely idea a Family Blessing Jar and Instilling Gratitude; a yearly tradition after the Christmas Tree is decorated, Marty's family gathers around the table reading last years blessings to remind them of what they are thankful for. Awesome Idea!!

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In The Boondocks // What a great way to utilize wine bottles, Mary created these chalk board bottles and when you turn them around they say "Boo"Feel 

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Sweet Things// Pili designed these lavender sachets using fabric scraps and a french transfer, you can find the tutorial Here 

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10-Tips-for-Throwing-a-Classy-Halloween-Party// If you are looking for ways to throw a all girls night out Halloween Party, Sandy Ala Mode has some great ideas for food and decorations.

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Simply {Darr}ling // What a clever idea for extra scrabble tiles leftover after other projects, a new twist for a vase. Our most clicked on link comes from Simply {Darr}ling //Scrabble Vase  Centerpiece

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  1. I love that snack, easy and yummy looking

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  2. Thanks for hosting! Have a lovely rest of the week. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

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  4. That looks yuum...love the crackers and he really enjoys it :)