Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What makes you happy? +Wednesday Linky


Ok, so before we get to linking up, I thought I'd share this quote that popped up on my Pinterest homepage. I like it... I mean, duh, I try to only do things that are going to make me happy. Or at least the goal is to do the things that are going to make me happy. 

But I'll be honest, it is not always easy to do the things that make me happy when I'm constantly thinking of all the little people that call me mom and the big guy that calls me wife. Let's all be honest and say that when we are part of a family or partnership, we will have to make decisions or choices that might not make us happy but rather the people we care for and love. 

I'm dealing with this right now in my life. I want so badly to make choices for myself that might not make the people I care for happy... so do I choose to make them happy or myself? Of course it's all relative to the situation and the potential outcome, but in all seriousness, I guess this quote isn't all that simple when it comes to making oneself happy. How does this quote make you feel? Do you think it's as black and white as it makes out to be? 

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the Linky! Thank you for reading! 

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  1. If you aren't happy, how can you make someone else happy.

  2. I think it is all about balance. Remember, it is hard to make others happy, when you may be unhappy yourself. Take some 'Me time' when you think you need it! Its important. :)

  3. I love this quote - its such a great reminder.

  4. What a fabulous party. So many great blogs and posts here. Where to start?

  5. that is a great quote!! i love that you do a link party on Wednesdays i will be back next wednesday

  6. I love that quote and I'm doing my best to implement it everyday in my life! Thank you for reminding it to me.

  7. I think this is especially tricky when you have a big family - we all have different dreams. I spent lots of years as the caretaker of my family, and while I still work that role, I can feel the shift, and am ready to start working on my own happiness.