Thursday, June 2, 2016

Streets Signs Around Paris

Happy Thursday! So last week I shared some photos of Spring flowers, gorgeous old doors, and lover's locks around Paris. My mom recently returned home with hundreds of pics from around the city. One thing I really enjoy about my mom is that she literally takes pictures of everything with she travels. Like, everything! Things I would never think to photograph, she sees beauty in. 

So when I was going through all her photos, I noticed she had an enormous amount of street sign pics. Where as I do appreciate the beauty that lies within street signs all around Europe, I have never made an effort to capture that beauty on film. I really wish I had because while I was looking through these photos of the street signs -clearly that's what my mom was capturing- I noticed the other parts of the picture that are just part of every day Paris... the things we miss when trying to take a staged picture. There's a lot to be said about the details that make up a city, starting with the street signs. 
Enjoy a trip around the city and have a wonderful day! 


  1. Love this! I've always wanted to visit. So pretty.

  2. Great pictures! They are all so interesting!

  3. Street signs in Paris are so much prettier than the ones here in the USA! :)

    1. Oh for sure! I guess in major cities, like New York and Chicago there are nice street signs. But nothing can beat Paris!

  4. My mom takes pictures of EVERYTHING, too. Even more so once she switched from a film camera to digital.

    I love, love, love Paris most of all and cannot wait to go back someday. Oh, how that city stole my heart!

  5. I love Paris! So many beautiful things to see! I don't blame your mom for taking pictures of everything...when we were there a few years ago, I did the same thing!

  6. I love this! I have quite a few street signs, licence plate and even phone booth pictures from Paris. They are so distinctive. In fact I wish I had taken even more pictures!

  7. Paris will always be mesmerizing. I have been there several times but always find new, amusing things :)