Friday, October 28, 2016

For Busy Moms +A Healthy Premier Protein Shake Recipe

Good Morning! This week has been so busy and hectic and just all around all over the place thanks to kids activities, playdates and some of my own exciting endeavors. It's kind of crazy to think that this is the busiest time of the year, with the holidays here and all. I wanted to share something I found that I think all you other busy moms will find pretty cool and helpful like me...

On November 4th, Costco is hosting a Mom Hour from 9-10am, a holiday shopping event where Costco opens earlier for moms and their babes to join City Moms Blog Network and Costco to shop BEFORE Costco opens its doors to all of its members! How cool is that! I love shopping at Costco but sometimes get overwhelmed with the crowds. If you love shopping and with other moms, then this is the event for you! And if you aren't a Costco member yet, you can still come and get exclusive membership offers. Enjoy swag, snacks, samples and giveaways with other families in your city. Many Costcos around the country will be participating, so check here to see where your nearest Mom Hour will be!

Speaking of being busy, yesterday, I took the train into the city {Chicago} to have a meeting. I had to leave the house super early to catch the train and had to skip out on my normal breakfast. Thankfully, I was able to grab one of my go-to treats -that I usually save for gym days- but came in super handy in my morning rush.

Have you tried these Premier Protein’s Hormone Free Chocolate and Vanilla Shakes yet?? I'm totally obsessed with them for both gym days and busy mom mornings. Not only are they packed full of protein, which is so important for staying strong and healthy on those busy days, but these protein shakes are hormone FREE and a convenient way for me to get full without sacrificing flavor OR nutrition. I bought mine at Costco because let's be honest, I'm also obsessed with Costco {it's kind of a problem}. Here are some of the reasons I love these tasty shakes...

30 grams of healthy protein, including all of the essential amino acids
Low in fat and only 1 gram of sugar
Only 160 calories
24 vitamins and minerals
An excellent source of calcium
A protein blend that comes from cows that are treated responsibly, without the artificial growth hormone rBST

Here is a super delicious Smoothie/Shake recipe using my fav Premier Protein’s Hormone Free Chocolate Shake that I think you will really love!

Berry Chocolate Shake

What You Need:
What You'll Do:
  • Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend on high until smooth. 

I'm telling you, this smoothie is perfect for breakfast or for an after workout treat! I'm making these nearly daily. 

So, I hope that you're able to make it out to the Costco Moms Hour on November 4th {that's next Friday!!} and have a wonderful time shopping, eating, and mingling with other mom's in your area.

 Have a wonderful and relaxed weekend! Oh and if you want to bring the dads, any friends who are soon to be moms, or any close family, you are more than welcome!! 

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