Thursday, November 17, 2016

A View From the Top

I did the ultimate Chicago tourist activity and took the fam up to the Skydeck in Willis Tower (former Sears Tower), America's tallest building and once the world's tallest tower. I have always wanted to go up there and see the views. We got so lucky with the weather that day in that it was clear skies all around! I actually had to wear my sunglasses up there because some spots were so bright...clearly, in these pics we have a hard time keeping our eyes open lol. 

The  Ledge at Skydeck itself was very cool. It takes a few seconds to get your bearings and step onto the glass ledge that hangs off the side of the building so high up. It's on the west side of the tower and we went up in the late afternoon, so the sun was nice and warm on the windows. The kids loved standing on the open piece of glass and looking down onto the street down below. There was a line to get onto the ledge and the large group of young women in front of us took about a thousand of pictures and selfies, I swear even patient me was getting a little upset lol. But it all worked out and the overall experience was happy and beautiful and worth the money. I will probably be going up again, maybe when there is a fresh layer of snow blanketing the city.

If you want more info about the Willis Tower or the Skydeck, check it out here!! 


  1. The first time I went there was during Memorial Day weekend, which was a huge mistake. The line was two and a half hours long and it was too crowded to get on the clear platform. We even had to take the service elevators up instead of the usual elevator they use. I had much better luck the second time. The wait was 30 minutes.

  2. Your photos are awesome! What a cool memory for your sweet kiddos too!

  3. That looks amazing. I don't know if I'd pass out or not at the top, there's a good chance, but it would be so fun for my family!