Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January's Kid Photo Shoot

Oh, these crazy kids of mine, how I love them so. I wrote earlier in the month that I wanted to take pictures of my kids every month on the same day for a whole year. I'm always taking random photos of them anyways, but I want to make sure the pics are in the same spot on the same day each month. I thought this would be a fun way to capture them and see how they grow and change over the year. And I thought I would share January with you.

For this shoot, I had them just stop what they were doing... Heidi was doing homework, Lukas was reading, and Jake was playing with his trains... to come and have a little jump on the bed. Clearly, I let them wear what they already had on, pjs and yogurt covered shirts and all. I was losing light and my camera was not programmed correctly, clearly, but I was ready to take pictures and powered on. I kind of love how they turned out, just natural and full of smiling faces. They were all so happy. It's not always easy to have all three of my babes that happy at the same time, let alone when a camera is pointed at them, and yet, they went along with my request and got on so well. I feel like I really captured each of their individual personalities in these photos, which, if I'm to take anything away from this photo taking journey, it's to capture 'them' in the most unstaged, unfiltered way possible, and to see how that evolves over the year. I'm already so excited for next month's session...only I'll have my camera and lighting figured out by then ha. 

Have a great day!  

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