Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Only Kids Travel Tray Needed! *Giveaway!

Happy almost March, friends! I feel like it's been ages since I've been on my blog... because I guess it has been. Two weeks can seemingly pass by in a flash when life is flying by. With illness rampant through my home and a new full-time career outside of the house -more on that another day- there just doesn't ever seem to be enough time for anything. I will say that I'm lucky with this new job in that Jakob's preschool is on site and he's pretty much always near me. That means lots of time spent in the car for my littlest guy, besides going to school and back each day but also driving Heidi and Lukas around to all their activities and events. 

Nowadays, it's easy to just give the 2-year-old a tablet while in the car and call it a day. I can honestly say that I've seriously cut back on my kid's electronic time and started finding alternative activities, such as books, coloring pages or games. But with a toddler in the car, in a stroller or on a plane, an electronic device was just always the easiest. Not anymore! You guys, I have in the car with me a travel tray to end all travel trays... a solution for those who want their kids to play in the car but not make a mess. I present to you, the Brave Baby Kids Travel Tray

Let me tell you about my new fav, if not forever favorite kid's travel product. This kid's travel tray has everything you need to have a successful outing with your littles. As you can see, it was made by parents who know a thing or two about kids and how they move. This large and sturdy tray top makes for easy drawing, eating, playing or table use while in a car, airplane, train, or stroller. You could probably even take it to the beach or a sporting event -just a thought. The tray top has a waterproof surface that wipes clean easily when mess happens. And it's soft to touch, so when it's buckled on your child's lap, it's comfortable. 

The tray is very easy to use. You start by un-velcroing two side pockets from the bottom and setting the tray on your child's lap. You then place the strap around your child's back or the back of the chair, stroller, seat or car seat, until it clicks into place. The strap is adjustable. Then fill the pockets with your child's favorite things and let them have a safe and enjoyable time in the car. When they're finished, just unstrap the tray and fold over both side pockets. It can easily be stored in the seat back pocket. 

My kids and I love our Brave Baby Travel Tray so much that I want to give one away to one of you mama's out there who could really use one! Just go ahead and enter below... it really is a parent's dream for those busy kids. 

I'd love to know if you could use a travel tray like this one? Best of luck in the Giveaway and thanks for stopping by!

 Thank you, Brave Baby for sponsoring this post.


  1. We're going on a couple of road trips this year and this would be perfect for both my boys. :)

  2. These are great for kids (and probably some grownups) :)

  3. We are ALWAYS road tripping and I have been looking for something like this! It sounds amazing! :) I need 3! Ha

  4. Jessica McfarlinMarch 2, 2017 at 8:08 PM

    We go to Wisconsin Dells 2X a year & this would be perfect!

  5. Love to sue it for reading story book